In order to form an educated opinion on the subject, it is optimal to learn about Bitcoin Maximalism from many sources because people are inherently biased on subjects of which they are financially involved.

Below is an anthology of articles, blog posts and forum threads about Bitcoin Maximalism in chronological order:

Vitalik Buterin Challenges the Idea of ‘Bitcoin Dominance Maximalism’ (Op-Ed) - December 3, 2014
Why you should be a Bitcoin Maximalist - May 30, 2015
Bitcoin Maximalism Remains as Competitors Rise - Mar 11, 2016
Bitcoin Maximalism - March ?, 2016
What is Bitcoin Maximalism? - August 22, 2016
Bitcoin Maximalists: Why You Shouldn't Be One - 2017
Bitcoin Maximalism vs. Cryptocurrency 2.0 - Should there only be one? June 20, 2017
Bitcoin Maximalism is Rubbish - July 15, 2017 What Are The Best Arguments For Bitcoin Maximalism? - August 24, 2017
Is it Time For Bitcoin Maximalists To Look At Altcoins? - November 6, 2017
Ark's Smartbridging represents the counterargument to Bitcoin Maximalism - December 31, 2017
The Case For Ethereum Maximalism - January 8, 2018

Will one coin rule them all?

This website's intended purpose is to define Bitcoin Maximalism, and to objectively describe the arguments for and against it.