Bitcoin Maximalism

Bitcoin Maximalism is the belief that Bitcoin is superior to all alternative cryptocurrencies.

Arguments For:

- Alternative cryptocurrencies are not as secure or immutable as Bitcoin.
- Bitcoin can eventually perform any functionality of any alternative cryptocurrency.
- Multiple competing cryptocurrencies is undesirable.
- It is futile to compete against Bitcoin due to its Network Effect.

Arguments Against:

- Competing cryptocurrencies brings down the costs for end users due to free market dynamics.
- There are platform considerations at play with Smart Contracts (similar to how there are different software stacks utilized by developers.)
- Intra-blockchain transactions will soon be as trustless, seamless and cheap as traversing to and from sidechains and second layers.
- Eventually, ASIC mining inevitably succumbs to centralization.
- Other more efficient Consensus Algorithms are sufficiently secure and immutable.

Will one coin rule them all?

This website's intended purpose is to define Bitcoin Maximalism, and to objectively describe the arguments for and against it.